Our society is going through a transition in many ways. We are becoming more self-aware. We feel more connected with each other and with the planet. We can't afford to live in separation any longer, because we can easily see how destructive that can be. There is an immense urgency to connect and solve our global problems! To close the loops! To live our lives outrageously from the ethic of the heart! I envisage a world in which each one of us contributes uniquely to co-create a unique self symphony. My films are one of my ways to express this vision.

In 2016 I produced the television series Pioniersplekken covering innovation hotspots that contribute to the New Economy as elaborated by Jeremy Rifkin and Jan Rotmans. In the next series, in 2017, I explored the port of Rotterdam: Haven in Transitie. What does the transition to renewable energy and circular economy imply for the future of the port, and for the economy? In 2018, I investigated the consequences of the energy transition for the urban citizen: Stad in Transitie. In 2019, I taught kids from two elementary schools to make news items on sustainability and clean energy. The so-called Green Power Kids produced a weekly newscast on how to improve their neighborhood: Green Power Kids